V7-8: Meat Clubs

Meat Club of the Moon:
Due to the very nature of its environment, the moon is not known for its production of high-quality meats, which has lead nearly 95% of its inhabitants to switch to an all-vegetarian or vegan diet. There are, however, some folks who simply cannot get by without some meat in their diet – and the Meat Club of the Moon was created to provide for those needs. Boasting the finest meats that can be imported to its establishment, the Meat Club survives by catering to the 5%, and by opening up its back hall for performances. Though its odour may throw some patrons off, it is nonetheless an interesting venue to visit, with its vast array of taxidermy, the largest collection of its kind on the moon, and 4th largest amongst humanity. It even features many rare specimens, of extinct species specifically acquired to diversify the collection. In fact, there is such a plethora of available items on display, the Meat Club almost feels more like a nature museum than a butcher shop – until the smell hits you.

Meatier Club of the Moon:
Built next door to the Meat Club out of protest/spite/petty mischief, the Meatier Club is an almost exact replica of the Meat Club, but 10% larger in every possible way. The only other major difference is that there is no meat whatsoever available at the Meatier Club. All meaty or animal-based items have been replicated using combinations of moon rocks, dust, and epoxy. Visiting the Meatier Club is, for some, an entirely too surreal experience, as the artists who built it truly excelled at their crafts, lending a sense of reality to the venue’s insides, though it is decidedly all artificial. DISCLAIMER: Any animal products that are brought to the Meatier Club will be promptly removed and destroyed.